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PHP is a server side scripting language implemented by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 using 'C' and 'Perl' technologies. By using PHP we can develop 'Dynamic Web Applications'.

PHP stands for "Personal Home Page" and it also contain it's alias name as   "PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor".

Rasmus Lerdorf implemented PHP 1.0 to find out how many companies accessing his resume through online services.

PHP is partially case sensitive language. In function point of view, it is case insensitive and in variables point of view, it is case sensitive. After every statement in PHP, we should end with semicolon(;). PHP is loosely typed language. That's why no need to provide data types at the time of variable declaration. Variable names in PHP should starts with '$'(dollar symbol). Every PHP file extension should be (.php). PHP script should be included within the script declaration style tag (<?php.......?>)


script :

It refer to the written text.

Web server :

Web server is a software used to run the web application. It handles the request from client and sends the response to the client. Ex. : IIS, Apache, Tomcat etc.

Web Browser :

It is a software used to open web application from Web server. Ex. : Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox etc.

Request :

A request is a trip of web page from browser to server. Ex. : www.gmail.com

Response :

Server sends the output for client request in the form of response.

Client-side script :

The script which executes by client system with the help of Web Browser can be called as client-side script. Ex. : HTML, Javascript etc.

Server-side script :

The script executes in the Web server with the help of server engines. User can't see the original script of server side scripting languages. Ex. : PHP, ASP, JSP etc.

Note :

  • Client Side Scripting Languages - HTML, CSS

  • Server Side Scripting Languages - PHP, JSP, ASP

  • MySQL is a open source software and only PHP can directly contact with it, so there is a combination of MySQL & PHP.

  • PHP maintained by Zend Organisation