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Programming Fundamentals :

Java Character Set :

Java is a universal language. It doesn't only support characters available in English Language but also those of other languages. Java uses a UNICODE (Universal Code) character set. According to Java, there are 65536(approx.) characters available in Java. In Java, character takes 2 bytes (equivalent to 16 bits) of space in memory. Java programming language is available in 18 International languages (like English, Latin, Greek etc.).


It stands for "American Standard Code For Information Interchange". It is of 1 byte (equivalent to 8 bits). It supports A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and symbols like +,-,*,/,etc.

Tokens :

The smallest individual unit in a program is called tokens.

Types of Tokens :-

  • Reserved Words

  • Identifiers

  • Literals

  • Punctuator

  • Operators

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Escape Sequence :

For displaying or using some non-graphical character that cannot be typed directly from the keyboard like : backspace, tab, enter key etc. It can be represented by escape sequence - Read More

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MiniDoll :

MiniDoll is an application to learn with fun. You can play it to solve some tricky questions related to Java Programming. Either enjoy playing it alone or discuss with your friends to solve it. It is a simple approach to learn by solving questions. This application has different topics of Java and each topic is divided into three phases. Start solving from initial topic to final topic and by the end of every topic you can boost your concept of that topic.