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Tools to work with PHP :


It stands for 'Windows, Apache, MySQL & PHP'. This tool supports Windows OS.


It stands for 'Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP'. It can run under LINUX OS.


It stands for 'X (to be read as "cross", meaning cross-platform), Apache, MySQL, PHP & Perl'. All these tools are open source tools available with different extensions.

Installation of PHP :

After installation of XAMPP, we can find out XAMPP Folder in the destination location contains number of subfolders.

htdocs :

It is the root directory of Apache server of XAMPP. All PHP programs should be saved at this location (in WAMP, we have www directory to save PHP programs).

tmp :

It is temporary memory location of server. All uploaded files and sessions will stored at this location.

php :

This folder contains php configuration setting. php.ini is configuration setting file of php.

apache :

This folder contains apache configuration settings. httpd.conf is apache configuration settings file name.

mysql :

This folder contains mysql configuration settings. my.ini is configuration settings file.