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Versions of PHP :

PHP 1.0 (1995) :

Rasmus Lerdorf implemented PHP 1.0 using 'C' & 'Perl'. It is not a server-side scripting language but an implementation for 'C' and 'Perl'.

PHP 2.0 (1997) :

Rasmus Lerdorf implemented PHP 2.0 as partially server-side scripting language. It supports different types of database servers.

PHP 3.0 (1998) :

PHP 3.0 is fully server-side scripting language. Zeev Suraski & Andi Gutmans rewritten the functionalities of PHP from scratch to release it as 3.0 as fully server-side scripting language. PHP 3.0 supports different platforms(different operating system). Personal Home Page is renamed as PHP : Hypertext Preprocessor with this version.

PHP 4.0 (2000) :

PHP 4.0 is cross server. It supports IIS, Apache, Tomcat etc. Zend Engine 1.0 is introduced in PHP 4.0, Zend Engine is runtime environment of PHP Application. Smarty Templating System is introduced with this version. We can simply develop the application with predefined templates.

PHP 5.0 (2004-05) :

The major upgrade of PHP 5.0 is object oriented programming support. Zend Engine 2.0 is introduced with PHP 5.0. XML and Web services related classes are introduced with PHP 5.0.

PHP 6.0 :

The main focus of PHP 6.0 is Unicode support means programmer can be able to name their classes and methods with their native languages. Some Advanced Object Oriented programming concept introduced with PHP 6.0. Those are Namespaces & Late Static Binding.